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Custer County Emergency Medical Services

In an Emergency, Dial 9-1-1            Non-Emergency, Dial 719-783-####


Our Agency

Our experience in Custer County dates back to 1988 when the ambulance service was first connected to the West Custer County Hospital District. Initially, the service was all volunteer and some of the first patients were transported in personal SUVs. Custer County EMS's medic 3 ambulance  
Since those beginnings, the ambulance corps has evolved from volunteers, to independent contractors, to the present day crew consisting of 15 part-time staff, working approximately 36 hours per week.  
Our three-vehicle fleet includes fully equipped first-responder vehicles with cardiac monitors and Colorado regulated Basic and Advanced Life-Support equipment.

Points Worth Noting

  • CCEMS is the primary provider of emergency medical services and transportation for the area. We are in service 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • CCEMA employs 15 trained medical personnel who respond to approximately 400 calls annually.

  • CCEMS works with disaster preparedness organizations, such as the Sheriff’s Office and Search & Rescue for disaster response training.

  • CCEMS covers 740 square miles with a population of over 4,000, which increases during the summer months.

  • CCEMS staff members are state and nationally certified.

  • CCEMS equipment is state-of-the-art, including advanced radio technology, which is important in Custer County’s frontier areas where rapid access to dispatch and backup services are essential.

  • CCEMS protocols are standardized through a regional medical director (doctor) who shares our commitment to the highest standards of patient care.

  • CCEMS staff undergo weekly training sessions and periodic life-like simulations to insure that their skill levels remain at the highest quality possible.



About the CCEMS Staff

Our 15 licensed medical personnel have extensive backgrounds as emergency care providers. All have undergone a rigorous initial orientation and must uphold stringent continuing education requirements on an annual basis.  
They have the skills and expertise to rapidly administer care, communicate with emergency department physicians, and safely transport patients to the most appropriate facility for treatment.


Custer County EMS
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