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Custer County Emergency Medical Services

In an Emergency, Dial 9-1-1            Non-Emergency, Dial 719-783-####


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A Note to Our Neighbors

We are part of this community, we are professionals, and we are your neighbors committed to providing high-quality medical service and ambulance transportation.  
We sincerely appreciate the support you have given us in the past and the confidence you have placed in us. Our first priority will always be the needs and comfort of our patients.



Community Services

CCEMS medical teams provide on-site Medical Care for events such as the annual High Mountain Hay Fever Bluegrass Festival as well as Custer County High School athletic events.  
We also provide emergency transportation from the WCC Clinic and Valley Assisted Living.  
Civic, church, and private organizations often call on CCEMS to provide CPR training.  
Decreasing the need for EMS through education is part of our commitment to the community and, as such, CCEMS provides welfare calls to local ambulatory and non-ambulatory county residents.  
Civic, church, and private organizations often call on CCEMS to provide CPR training.



What to Expect
When You Call CCEMS (911)

A Sheriff’s Office dispatcher takes your call and asks about your problem.  
The ambulance service is dispatched by radio. This channel is monitored by on and off duty staff as well as fire personnel.  
The ambulance goes en route with a medical team on board.  
In emergent cases, a Flight for Life helicopter may be placed on standby or called into action.  
The medical team arrives on scene and assesses the patient. If the patient is unconscious, the reporting party is asked for information.  
The patient is transported to the hospital of their choice where the emergency department personnel are briefed and care is transferred.



Serving You

       * Population 4,255 (2010 census)

       * 740 square miles of service area

       * Elevation 6,000 - 14,300 feet

       * 500 miles of frontier and rural trails

       * Five citizens per square mile

Custer County EMS
703 Edwards, Westcliffe, CO 81252
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