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Custer County Emergency Medical Services

In an Emergency, Dial 9-1-1            Non-Emergency, Dial 719-783-####

Custer County Emergency Medical Services (CCEMS) is committed to meeting the unique needs of the Wet Mountain Valley residents and its visitors.  
We provide emergency and non-emergency medical services and ambulance transportation as well as coordination with “Flight for Life” when air transport to the regional hospital is essential.  
Our values remain constant – we are patient focused, providing a high standard of care with the compassion our patients deserve.



There are Some Things You Can Do to Be Ready
in Case You or Your Guest
Needs an Ambulance

  • Be sure that your street and house number are clearly visible to the ambulance personnel – especially at night.

  • Arrange for someone to guide in or flag down the ambulance so there is no delay looking for your location.

  • Inform the 9-1-1 dispatcher of the best way to enter your property and home. He or she will relay that information to the ambulance personnel.

  • Have a list of your current medications ready for the ambulance team. Be clear on the time you last ate and took your medication.

  • Have your I.D. and insurance information with you when the medical team arrives.



Custer County EMS
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